Motorola DROID Bionic shows up in Motorola’s official store

What’s a good way to assume that a phone is about to land in retail stores? If the phone in question appears on the manufacturer’s official store. For anyone who’s still eagerly anticipating getting their hands on the DROID Bionic from Motorola, you should be getting pretty excited. With as many leaks and images of the Bionic that we’ve seen in the last few weeks, and now with the device appearing on the official store, we should expect the device to land on Verizon’s network shortly.

Unfortunately, while the Bionic’s appearance in Motorola’s official store is a great sign for its impending launch, it would have been much better if it also came with any pertinent information. For instance, while we do get to see what the device looks like in nice rendered images, we don’t know just how much it will cost ($299.99), or when it will launch (September 8th). But, luckily we’ve got plenty of leaks telling us all that, so we should be covered. Now all we have to do is hope that that September 8th date holds true, and Motorola can finally launch this 4G LTE-connected juggernaut.

via PhoneDog

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