Rage Comic Maker for Android

A Reddit lover and Android developer called Tamas++ has responded to widespread craving for more Reddit-focused content in the Android Market by recreating Dan Awesome’s Rage Maker (or by constructing a very similar product) for your Android devices. Here’s my personal, crappy announcement regarding the app (didn’t know that I needed to hit return for a line break in the first panel):

I realize this quickie doesn’t deserve any upvotes

As you can see, I created that with the Rage Comic Maker for Android. With the default four (and up to 20) panels as your canvas, you can choose a variety of categorized faces and items, manipulate them, add multicolored text, and share your creation. There is no imgur submission included or Reddit posting, but creation is simple on the go. I have a feeling f7u12 will soon be hit with a flood of train rage, bus rage, classroom rage, toilet stall rage, doctor’s office rage, funeral rage, grocery line rage, detention rage…you get the idea.

And here is a much, much better announcement from a Redditor named topherp:

Search the Android Market for Rage Comic Maker, hit this link, or use the URLs in the image above.

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