Samsung DROID Prime reportedly passes through Bluetooth SIG, showcases CDMA and North American destination

Ready to play a game of connect-the-dots? Sure you are, especially when it has to do with the Samsung DROID Prime, right? Right. According to the Bluetooth SIG, everything looks to be good-to-go for the next Nexus device from Samsung. The certificate it gained on its way through the agency shows that the handset will indeed run on a CDMA-based network, and it is certainly destined for a North America debut.

However, what we’re still missing here, obviously, is an actual device model name. But, we do have the model number, which just happens to be SCH-i515. If you’ll recall, that’s the same model number of the device that’s speculated to be the first Ice Cream Sandwich-based device to land in the market, and it’s rumored to be the Samsung DROID Prime. A final confirmation is still needed from the higher-ups at Verizon, or even Google or Samsung, but right now it looks like this device is getting a lot closer to reality. Anyone still think that October release date will stand true?

via Droid-Life

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