Samsung Galaxy S II models for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint break cover

So while we reported yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy S II won’t be heading to Verizon, the silver lining comes in the fact that the three other major wireless carriers will indeed be getting their own models. So, the big question regarding whether or not Samsung would take the previous path in releasing these new models, in creating different looking devices for each carrier has been the question since the beginning. Thanks to Pocketnow, we can finally say that we (may) know what the handsets will look like.

There isn’t a lot of information going around here. In fact, where the above image came from is anyone’s guess. And because of that, we may want to take the above leak with the normal amount of salt on hand. We’re not sure if these are the final devices for each carrier, but we imagine that it’s certainly possible. So stay tuned, as Samsung’s event is just around the corner and we’ll have all the details we could ever want (hopefully).

via Pocketnow

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