Samsung Hercules breaks cover again, shows off benchmarking prowess


The Samsung Hercules is starting to really make an impression on the rumor mill. The device is seemingly all set to hit store shelves, but here we are still looking at semi-blurry photos of the device. This time around, though, we get to see how the device stacks up in the standard benchmarking tests. Considering it’s the Samsung Galaxy S II variant for T-Mobile, our expectations are pretty high.


Thankfully, the device doesn’t disappoint. The image clearly shows a result of 3359, which will hopefully mean we won’t be sloshing around when the device finally hits the market. We will just have to wait for August 29th and Samsung’s press event, where the company is supposed to unveil their Galaxy S II variants for the US. By then, we should be able to get a grasp as to when this 1.2GHz powerhouse of a phone will be available for purchase. We can hope, anyway.

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