Samsung Mesmerize for US Cellular officially upgraded to Android 2.3.4

For those of you on US Cellular’s network, and who happen to own a Samsung Mesmerize, your time waiting for the official update to Android 2.3.4, or Gingerbread, is finally over. Both Samsung and US Cellular have finally pushed the update forward, and it is now available to all Mesmerize owners. The build is EH09, and you can download it via Samsung’s Simple Upgrade Tool.

You can expect stability updates throughout the system, as well as the subtle “Gingerbread” visual tweaks that should be expected. Here is the full breakdown of the update:

    Google platform upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3.4 Operating System
    The notification bar is updated to Google Gingerbread style: icons and background images.
    The quick panel is changed to the Google Gingerbread style.
    The signal strength bar is changed from 4 levels to 5 levels.
    The signal strength bar changes color based on the Google login status.
    The Android keyboard is updated with a new color design and layout.
    For text input, the word selection feature is changed to a novelty word selection feature.
    For power management, the Battery use screen is updated with Phone signal, Awake, Screen on and Charging time.
    For application management, the Manage application screen is updated with a storage usage status gage for System storage, USB storage and RAM.
    Android keyboard settings updated with “Touch to correct words” option.
    Calendar application, added “Show extra options” options menu when creating an event or editing an event: “Show me as” and “Privacy”.
    Calendar application, added “Lock time zone” option in the Calendar settings. Lock event times and dates to your selected time zone below. Times and dates will not change even if you move to another time zone.
    Applications, added new Download application to the application list.

So go for it, and let us know what you think of the latest build of Gingerbread on your Mesmerize, won’t you?

via PhoneDog

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