Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin hints at a new device

Thanks to the Internet, there’s already plenty of speculation running around as to what, exactly, Samsung will be showcasing at this year’s IFA Conference in Berlin this year. The accompanying video with the announcement image shows folks walking around with glowing devices in their hands. Some moments indicate that the device could be a new, small tablet like the original Galaxy Tab; while some images suggest that it could just be another phone, like the Galaxy S II, but upgraded.

If it is the latter, and we should be expecting to see a new Galaxy S II, then we can expect the device to probably feature LTE-connectivity. However, it may be too big of a coincidence to ignore the fact that the original Galaxy Tab was unveiled at the same IFA Conference in Berlin last year, so perhaps Samsung is taking this opportunity to unveil the original Tab’s successor. Whatever the case, you can watch the video below and guess for yourself what you think the company will be unveiling. We don’t have too much longer to wait.

via AndroidCentral

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