Some folks working on bringing Android to the HP TouchPad

This last week has been a significant one. While a lot happened, probably some of the biggest news would be the planned acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google, and HP shutting down the webOS hardware development. The latter of which probably doesn’t mean much to those already supporting Google’s Android mobile operating system, but it’s a big shift in the rest of the mobile market. As a result of the closure, the HP TouchPad, the first webOS-based tablet device to hit the market, took a beating on price. HP effectively priced the device at $99 for the 16GB model, which caused a huge wave of people to go out and find one. And, naturally, now there’s talk of enterprising people out there playing around with their $100 tablet device. Specifically, there’s word floating around that Android may find its way to the tablet device sometime in the future.

There’s a lot that has to be done for something like this to happen, of course. Just getting Android on the tablet isn’t good enough. It has to be a functioning device, and that means there has to be support for all of the peripheral devices it currently supports with webOS, along with all of the subtle tweaks and alterations that have to go on under the hood to get the thing to turn on with the new mobile OS in place. Is it impossible? No, probably not. And considering the ridiculous amount of talent out there in the modding community, especially within the Android ranks, it’s possible that we’ve got a working TouchPad with Android before too long.

Anyone out there interested in running an HP TouchPad with Android on it?

via AndroidCentral

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