T-Mobile LG G-Slate’s update to Android 3.1 reportedly adds locked bootloader

When the LG G-Slate launched on T-Mobile’s network, it was lauded as one of the best Android-powered tablets out there. Since then, plenty of other devices have launched, and up until about a few days ago, the G-Slate was already outdated against the competition when it came to mobile OS version number. But, LG is starting to fix that with the company’s newest Over the Air (OTA) update for the tablet, which brings the device to Android 3.1. Sure, it’s still not the latest version of Honeycomb, but at least it’s closer. In any event, the news gets worse, as it’s being reported that if you update to Android 3.1 on the G-Slate, you also get a locked bootloader.

The reports are still coming in, but it looks like it’s a standard update feature. This doesn’t seem to be just a quirk or anything like that, so this may just be the way that LG is going, with locking down the bootloader. Unfortunately, that means the previously mod-friendly G-Slate will have some major barriers to get through for developers if they want to continue to tweak the device. But nothing is impossible, right? So if you haven’t updated your G-Slate, and you don’t want a locked bootloader, then waiting may be in the cards for you.

[via Android Community]

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