The Android Live Chat has been canceled

Things have been pretty busy around these parts as of late, and we’re sure you’ve noticed. Unfortunately, with how busy things have been, we’ve had to make some changes. With busy schedules comes the inexorable change to the norm. Last week was the start of it. If you’ll recall, we had to cancel that Live Chat as well. This time around, it’s a bit different.

Yes, we hate to say it, but the Live Chat is canceled this week as well. And, due to those aforementioned busy schedules, it’s going to be canceled from here on out. Like we mentioned last week, and as we’ve suggested on Twitter a few times (you are following @DroidDog, right?), changes are coming. This is one of those changes, but we assure you that we aren’t just getting rid of things without the idea of replacing it with something else. The Live Chat is being set aside, but there is something else coming in its place, and it won’t be long before we unveil it.

In fact, this is where you come in. If you would like to be part of the next big thing from DroidDog, here’s your chance. It will take some participation on your part, though. Here’s what you’ll have to do:

Below, in the comments, we want you to tell us two things. The first thing you need to tell us, is what you think we’re unveiling. That’s right, do a little guessing. And then, second, we want you to tell us, briefly, why you love Android so much. Keep in mind that you need to be respectful, or you’ll just be tossed out of the running altogether. If you are someone who guesses the “next big thing” and tells why you love Android so much in a respectable and worthwhile fashion, then you’ll get to be part of the whole show. And please make sure that the account you’re commenting with is tied to a means to get in touch with you. After all, if we can’t get a hold of you, you can’t win anything, right? Right.

Good luck!

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