The DroidDog Podcast and weekly G+ Huddle

It’s been a week since we broke the news that the DroidDog Live Chat had been canceled in the permanent kind of way, and now it’s time for us to reveal what that “next big thing” is. Not that the title has already given it away or anything. But just as some of you had guessed, DroidDog is unveiling our very own podcast. Additionally, as a bit of a bonus that will get more of our fantastic readers involved with the site’s content, we’re also unveiling the beginning of our weekly Google+ Huddles.

Let’s dig into the details, shall we? First and foremost, the podcast. This is going to be run like the standard podcast that you’ve probably heard on other sites, with a few changes here and there. We have plenty of hopes and dreams for the podcast down the line, but to start we’re going to keep it pretty straight forward. Meaning, we’ll have our standard crew running the show, and then we’re going to bring on a special guest for each episode. The guests will vary, but as you can probably imagine these are going to be folks that have a natural affinity towards the Android platform. Just to spice things up, we’ll bring on a few fans of other platforms, too from time to time. And, just to give a glimpse into the future, we will have you, the readers, join in on the conversation as well.

Launching first, though, is the weekly DroidDog Google+ Huddle. This seems like a natural fit for the site, considering our love for Google, and the way that G+ incorporates an easy way to get a large group of people together to have a conversation. And the truth is, we want to get plenty of input on the Android platform from all of you, outside of the comment system. Having a conversation is a great way to formulate great new ideas, and that’s what we’re always looking for. The weekly Huddle will consist of the standard crew, and we’ll be able to bring plenty of guests, fans, and others into the Huddle as well. As we go ahead, we’ll have contests, and easier ways to get a ticket into the next Huddle.

So now the big question is, when are we launching these new features to the DroidDog site? For the podcast, that’s a bit murky at the moment. We still have to figure out a good schedule for the crew, and we also have to reach out to the readers and figure out when they believe a good weekly schedule will be. As for the weekly Huddle, it’s being primed to begin the second week of September, at the start of the week. The Huddle will be more of a personal endeavor, but we want it to also focus on the news of the previous week for a main focus of discussion.

Here in the next few days we will be reaching out to the winners of the contest, and let them know the details of their winning guesses. So keep an eye on your inbox.

When the Huddle launches, and the same goes for the podcast, we’ll publish the episode’s bullet points, so those of you out there can keep track of the discussion topics, and those of you lucky enough to get on the show with us will be able to know exactly what we plan on talking about.

We are excited to launch the brand new podcast and weekly Huddle, and we can’t wait to feature our awesome readers in a personal fashion. We love your input, and we can’t wait to get more of it. And, finally, it should go without saying, but we have plenty of new features coming down the pipe, so stay tuned.

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