The “official” Motorola DROID Bionic Twitter account chimes in on a release date

At this point, Motorola and Verizon may just be allowing the DROID Bionic, one of the most hyped phones in recent memory, to beat the topic to death. After leak, after leak, after leak, it’s now up to the “official” Motorola DROID Bionic Twitter account to chime in and dish out when the release date for the device will be. Oh, and guess what? It’s exactly when we thought it would be.

That’s right, it doesn’t look like any curve balls are coming, at least not yet. As the image above suggests, it looks like the Motorola DROID Bionic will indeed be landing on September 8th. So, who’s shocked? Did anyone not see that coming? Now all we need is for Verizon to actually come forward and confirm all of this for us. Any day now, Verizon.

via @DroidBionic

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