Verizon launching the Samsung DROID Prime as an exclusive

Talk about the Samsung DROID Prime is starting to heat up, but at the moment it’s just about rumors. Rumors that are based entirely from unknown and unnamed sources. But, that’s the way it works in this industry, so anyone who is interested in getting their hands on the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich-based device should probably keep their eyes and ears tuned to any Samsung DROID Prime news. At least, that’s what this latest rumor suggests.

Remember when Verizon decided to skip their version of the Samsung Galaxy S II? And remember when it was suggested that the reason the carrier did this was because they would be launching a similar device, just without the Galaxy S II branding? Apparently that’s not the case anymore, because BGR how now learned the “real” reason why Verizon skipped the Galaxy S II. The higher-ups at Verizon don’t believe the device will be competitive with the iPhone 5 when it launches, so they’re aiming higher, and apparently worked their magic to get another exclusive deal to launch the next big version of Android.

That’s right, the Samsung DROID Prime is reportedly the first Ice Cream Sandwich-based device coming to market, and it looks like Verizon has the exclusive rights to the device. According to the same report, the model of the device is SCH-i515. And, with October right around the corner, we should expect to start hearing some official news on the device, probably from Google since we know Verizon likes to keep the public in the dark, here soon, as the Halloween month is the rumored launch date.

It should also be noted that the DROID name should have inferred that the device would always be a Verizon-only handset. The interesting and “exclusive” addition to the title is pointed towards the “Ice Cream Sandwich” part, which is rumored to be an exclusive launch to Verizon.

Who’s excited?

via BGR

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