App Review: Video Trimmer

Sony is outing a new video editing app called Video Trimmer. Meant to directly compete with Vid Trim and Vid Trim Pro, it uses a fun interface to manage your videos on the go. It will be launching September 5th, for $2.99 US, exclusively on Android devices.

Video Trimmer has a unique interface, starting by first selecting a video. The video then appears in frames in which you can spin around. You select a clip for a starting point, then spin the wheel to find a clip you want to end on. In addition, you can also move a small tab in the middle up or down to choose how precise you want the frames to be. Once you’ve trimmed the video, you click an export button in the middle of the screen to save it as a new file, then asks you if you want to share it via Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, etc. In real world use, it’s incredibly easy to utilize.

After using it on multiple videos for a few hours, I found that it actually proved to be a useful app. It took a bit of a learning curve, but I was trimming videos in no time. I tested it on my HTC Inspire 4G, and experienced no lag whatsoever. Apps like this can usually be very processor intensive, but this one runs smooth as butter.

Once I started using it more, I noticed there was a bit of a wait when exporting videos. Video Trimmer would hang for a few seconds, then finish. It’s nothing deal breaking, but it’s definitely there. Also, it seemed to refuse to export messages to the Messaging app. Another annoying glitch, yet nothing major

Sony seems to have a strong app with Video Trimmer, especially for those looking to do some quick editing on the go. The combination of its simplicity and efficiency creates a very productive app making it easy for novices and professionals alike to take advantage of it. Other then a few minor glitches like the exporting, it ran very smoothly. If it were priced at the magical $1 mark I would suggest it as a must have app for minor video editing. But at $2.99 US, it’s starting to push the boundaries. And with Sony creating it, I wouldn’t be surprised to find it integrated in their next line of Xperia phones.

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