Barnes & Noble calling all developers for NOOK Developer Workshop in October

As anyone is well aware, the NOOK Color is a pretty reliable Android eReader. What’s more, though, is that the tablet-like device suddenly becomes a real tablet when you get into a little bit of development behind the scenes. But, as anyone might assume, Barnes & Noble wants you to look at the NOOK Color in the way they meant it, and that means without any tinkering once you take it out of the box. The company has made a huge investment in Android developers so they can release their applications not through the Android Market, but through NOOK Apps, and now the company wants to bring the focus right where it belongs.

Barnes & Noble will be stepping up their developer efforts with the NOOK Developer Workshop taking place at the App Developers Conference in Santa Clara, California. The event takes place beginning October 26th, and goes until the 27th. The session is meant to enlighten developers in the ways of the NOOK Apps idea, focusing on how it is a compelling business opportunity, as well as the technical details of bringing your app to the proprietary market.

A direct quote:

“Millions of apps have been purchased by NOOK Color customers since we launched NOOK Apps, and our customers are interested in even more,” said Claudia Romanini, Director of Developer Relations, Barnes & Noble. “Developers attending the workshop can secure their approval as a NOOK App Developer and learn how to quickly monetize their apps in the NOOK Store™ where many third-party developers are generating substantial revenues.”

It sounds like a great opportunity for any developer out there who’s looking for a bit more information that could help their business, especially if it means bringing their app to yet another market, and therefore potential purchase from customers.

Thanks, Mark!

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