Battery Technology Rant [Video]

Mobile devices have come a long way in the years we’ve been covering Android here at DroidDog. Display technologies have evolved significantly, processor speeds and graphics power have increased exponentially and phones have reached minimums in size. Tablets are thinner and more powerful than ever, and feature newer technologies like 4G radios, NFC and more. All this comes at the cost of battery life.

It’s a known fact: The amount of power you can get out of a device is directlyly inversely proportional to its battery efficiency. This means when you see the stat sheet of what looks like an amazing phone, laptop or smartphone on paper, you’re looking at a pretty limited usage time off the charger. Sure, you can always sacrifice the thinness of your DROID Bionic by purchasing an extended battery. But then how pocketable is it? Sure, you can turn off the 4G radios in your new LTE smartphone. But what good is your new contract now?

The point is this: Old battery technology sucks. Yes, you can implement a larger battery, but you can only make a battery so big in a handheld device. The state of current mobile lithium-ion batteries is embarrasing. What will change this? A revolutionary new battery technology? Solar powered mini-cells? Micro-nuclear battery compartments? I don’t have my engineering degree yet. But I’d love to see some progress! Are you in the same boat? Sound off in the comments!

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