Boeing chooses Android to entertain passengers in some flights

So while some folks will chalk up the iPad as the go-to device for companies to consume media and share it with others, it looks like Boeing doesn’t want to follow “the trend,” and has chosen to go with Android for their in-flight entertainment. The selected aircraft? The Boeing 787 Dreamliner. And if you think it’s going to go for just first class passengers, think again. Boeing has decided to share the entertainment with coach passengers as well.

The report originated from the Australian Business Traveller, which cited Boeing’s Technical Manager Mark Larson. He says that all 787 Dreamliners currently being assembled will have Android-powered entertainment systems installed. Now, while Boeing is indeed providing the entertainment packages to coach passengers, there will be a difference. Specifically, the coach passengers will receive a 7-inch touchscreen device to consume their entertainment, while the first class passengers are expected to get 17-inches of touchscreen goodness to utilize on the flight.

It’s good to see that Android is being chosen for media consumption, and we’re excited to see where else the little ‘droid lands (or flies) in the future.

via PhoneArena; Australian Business Traveller

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