Does the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 Have a Market?

The Samsung Wifi 3.6 MP3 players was announced earlier this week at IFA. It features one of Samsung’s popular 3.6″ SAMOLED panels, a 1 GHz OMAP processor and either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage. It has a small 2MP sensor on the back and a front-facing shooter for video calls. In short: this is the phone without the phone.

So where does that place the Galaxy S WiFi in the market? To be honest, I’m still not entirely sure. Samsung certainly has good intentions and a great device on their hands. But who will buy it?

The product the Galaxy S WiFi most closely resembles is an iPod Touch, which is essentially an iPhone without the phone. The Galaxy matches up nicely with a person who:

  1. Does not want an expensive smartphone contract and therefore:
  2. Does not want a Galaxy S smartphone.
  3. Wants a Personal Media Player [PMP] to offset their dumbphone.
  4. Does not want an iPod Touch or alternative PMP.
  5. Prefers the Android OS and/or Android market.
This limits the potential user base substantially but I’m sure Samsung will find a way to get this little guy flying off shelves upon release. Samsung could also be considered flooding the market with their slew of product introductions in the past few days. In the next few weeks they will offer a 10.1″ tablet, an 8.9″ tablet, a 7.7″ tablet, a 5.3″ tablet, a 4.7″ phone, a 4.3″ phone and more. Is the Galaxy S Wifi 3.6 supposed to fit in? Who wants one?

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