HTC Flyer gets the Honeycomb treatment, unofficially

While the HTC Flyer may still be rocking the phone-version of Android, that’s obviously not going to stop some developers out there from porting the Honeycomb-laced version of the software, which recently launched for the HTC Jetstream, onto the original device. Lucky for us, the first screenshots of the software running on the smaller tablet have finally made their way onto the Internet, and as many should have expected, it looks a lot like what HTC officially launched for the Jetstream yesterday.

This is all possible due to the leak of an RUU (Rom Update Utility) that contained an early build of Android 3.2 for the Flyer. That RUU quickly flew under the eyes of developers all over the place, and they are currently still trying to get a flashable ROM from the original RUU. After plenty of hard work, XDA forum member globatron was able to install the software on his 32GB 3G HTC Flyer. He was nice enough to take some screenshots, too.

It looks like we’re still a little ways off from seeing an easily flashable ROM, but the developers are obviously moving in the right direction.

via AndroidBugle

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