HTC Holiday poses for camera to show off AT&T LTE

The HTC Holiday isn’t afraid of the camera. It has only been a few days sine the last time we saw the device poses in front of the camera, and while this batch is by far better than the previous ones, it’s also good to see that AT&T LTE is indeed on board this device. What’s better than a picture? Well, not much, but at least we get to hear from the same report just how fast this device really is.

Fast, on the network side of things, anyway. The included report comes along with the news that the device, which is attached to AT&T’s still baby-like LTE network, was able to pull down 29.41Mbps, while it was able to upload 6.43Mbps. Quite impressive, considering the fresh state that AT&T’s advanced network is in right now. Of course, speeds will vary greatly once AT&T gets it up and running and you’ve got plenty of other people accessing it at the same time. But for now, let’s just be happy with the batch of images, shall we?

via PhoneDog; BGR

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