HTC Holiday runs the FCC gauntlet, shows off AT&T LTE

While we’re still patiently waiting to hear anything official about the HTC Holiday, we’ll just have to make due with what we can get. And this time around, we’ve got the device in question making its way through the FCC. And, low and behold, there’s plenty of AT&T LTE goodness attached to the device.

The handset in question is the HTC PCH39100, and photos of the device itself aren’t available in this report. Nor is any kind of carrier branding. However, Engadget seems confident the handset is indeed the holiday, boasting the bands 1700/2100/700. There’s no word on a release date, but we can imagine that AT&T will want to get this handset out in the wild as soon as they can. Certainly in plenty of time for the . . . holidays.

via Engadget

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