HTC Vigor to be branded as ThunderBolt 2, Samsung Prime replacing the DROID Charge

So at the tail-end of last night, a piece of paper began to make its way around the Internet. Now, that in itself isn’t all that news worthy, but what this paper had on it is. As the story goes, a Best Buy employee somewhere out there was handed a piece of paper by a Verizon representative. On it, there were a bunch of phones listed, with arrows in between them. The arrows were put there to represent which device would replacing the current handset, without actually going into any detail. Now, as you can see from the image above, it’s about as “homemade” as it gets. The Verizon representative couldn’t even spell the word ‘Stratosphere’ correctly. But, that aside, let’s go ahead and dig into what this paper suggests, shall we?

First, let’s start with the ThunderBolt 2 replacing the ThunderBolt. As far as Verizon branding goes, this isn’t that much of a shocker. Even if Verizon’s first 4G-enabled device wasn’t a smash-hit, the wireless carrier is still obviously more inclined to give that device a successor, rather than launch a brand new device. Plus, brand recognition, for whatever it’s worth. For anyone keeping track of model numbers, the original ThunderBolt is ADR6400. That’s important because in leaked documentation that hit the Internet earlier in the year, the HTC Vigor’s model number is ADR6425, which makes its replacement of the ThunderBolt make even more sense.

And then, right there at the bottom, we see “Sam Prime,” and it is marked to replace the DROID Charge. The “Sam Prime” is more than likely referring to the Samsung DROID Prime, or what has been going around also as the Samsung Nexus Prime. Either way, this Verizon rep seems to believe that it will be released onto the Verizon airwaves as a replacement for Samsung’s first 4G LTE-connected device for Verizon. This doesn’t take much of a stretch to the imagination, considering the DROID Prime will indeed have the specifications and news coverage to make everyone forget about the DROID Charge, so why not get to replacing the old and busted, with the shiny and new? But, to give some credence to this, let’s look at model numbers again. The DROID Charge is SCH-i510, and the DROID Prime is slotted at SCH-i515. BAM.

So, not definitive proof, but it does look like this Verizon rep is indeed onto something here. Sure, the piece of paper with incorrectly spelled phone names is a bit of a lackluster way to learn of these new details, and everyone should probably be second-guessing the accuracy and legitimacy of this paper, but at least it’s something, right? And, as we outline above, even if the presentation isn’t fantastic, the rep could be on to something here. We probably won’t have long to wait for more information to leak about either device, so just sit tight.

via PhoneDog

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