Ice Cream Sandwich Android Market [Video]

An update rolled out for Motorola Xoom Wifi owners today that doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on the operating system itself. Until you open the new Android market. Take a look at the video preview:

The new market is a beautifully optimized version of the one currently found on recently updated Android devices like the Nexus S. The Xoom, you could say, is the Nexus of tablets. We’ve seen

First impressions: This looks to be the newest implementation of fragments in Android 4.0 in action. You can see that swiping to the right while browsing all apps on the tablet reveals a half-and-half view of both apps and categories. On a phone, apps and categories are on different screens.


This is not only an excellent use of screen space and high resolution on a tablet – but it looks amazing! Performance is still top notch and I haven’t encountered any significant problems so far. Are you a Xoom owner? Update your tablet and let us know what you think!

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