LG Optimus S officially updated to Android 2.3

While Verizon’s handsets are seeing their fair share of Gingerbread updates, it looks like Sprint is ready to provide another one of their own handsets the latest update to Android 2.3. This time around it’s the LG Optimus S, and as you might imagine there’s plenty of improvements to the device with its long-awaited update to Gingerbread.

The update is rolling out as build number LS670ZVH, and both Sprint and LG believe that it will be on all the Optimus S owners’ handsets out there within 10 days. Other than the obvious changes to the user interface, along with the new keyboard and much-improved cut/paste functionality, you’ll also get your hands on new power management tools, and task killer applications.

The update is rolling out in stages, as all the updates of this sort go about their schedule. However, if you want to try and pull the update down from the air, you can head into Settings –> About Phone –> System Updates, and try your luck that way.

via PhoneDog

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