Motorola DROID R2D2 officially updated to Gingerbread

And the train keeps on going. While there’s been a few unscheduled stops, it looks like Verizon is trying their best (along with the specific manufacturers) to bring the Android 2.3.x update to any and all devices capable of such on their network. Yes, they’re still missing some, but at least the process has been started. The latest handset to get the update? The Star Wars-themed Motorola DROID 2.

The special edition device still features all of the bells and whistles you got when you first purchased the device, but now you’ll be running Android 2.3, which we all know you’ve been waiting (im)patiently for. Check out the instructions through the source link below, and then be sure to let us know how the update software runs on your device.

via Verizon

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