myTouch by LG outed by T-Mobile

We love surprises, as everyone should. When they’re good surprises, anyway. And from what we’re seeing and hearing about the “myTouch LG,” this is certainly possibly a good surprise indeed. Of course, what we’re hearing about the new myTouch by LG isn’t much, but it’s good to hear anything at all. Especially seeing that “myTouch” is looking to be a brand that T-Mobile will push forward into the future.

As far as details go, here’s the rub: we’re looking at two devices: the myTouch by LG and the myTouch Q by LG. The name differences are apparently meant to signify that the ‘Q’ represents a full, slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard. The other device will reportedly be all-touch, as we’ve seen in previous myTouch devices. As far as anything else about the devices, there isn’t anything to go on. No release date, other than a rumored November 2nd, and certainly no pricing scheme. And, as you probably have already guessed, the videos that showcased the phones have been made private by T-Mobile. We can start hoping that the carrier provides more details about the devices soon, though.

via PhoneDog

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