Samsung foregoes the Exynos processor in the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II, Snapdragon rumored to be the replacement

When Samsung took time out of their busy schedule to unveil the trio of Samsung Galaxy S II-branded devices that would be making their way to the United States later this year, there was plenty of head scratching at the fact that the T-Mobile version of the device was tucked away in a glass case, unable to be played with by all of those who had made it to the event. Speculation and rumor about the processor under the hood started to run rampant, especially considering there was plenty of rumor talking about how the Exynos processor, created by Samsung themselves, wasn’t inside. Well, we can pretty much say that that is indeed the case, after Samsung’s Marketing Manager Philip Berne confirmed it.

Berne did confirm that the dual-core Exynos processor will not be inside the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II. However, what he did not clarify though, is which processor will be inside the device. All signs are currently pointing to the Qualcomm-manufactured 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon APQ860 processor, but nothing has been officially announced quite yet. The reason Qualcomm is being targeted for the chosen manufacturer, is due to the fact that their chipset supports T-Mobile’s HSPA+ speeds, clocking up to 42Mbps. The Exynos chip would cut those speeds in half, so it looks like T-Mobile is making every effort to put speed at the forefront of the conversation with their Galaxy S II variant. We’re sure no one is going to complain about that.

via TMoNews

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