Samsung Galaxy Note passes through the FCC, showcases AT&T radios

Right after Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note, the huge 5-inch beast of a smartphone/tablet/thing, there were several reports that Samsung actually had “no plans” to bring the device (plus one other), to the United States. Now, as we mentioned in that previous report, that isn’t the first time Samsung has said something to that effect, before officially announcing the device for the particular market sometime in the future. And considering how many people are clamoring for the Note, there was never a reason to think Samsung wouldn’t bring the device State-side. And now, thanks to the FCC and Android Authority, it looks like AT&T may be the lucky carrier to promote the device.

As it stands right now, the only information that seems to be going around about this, is that the Galaxy Note indeed went through the FCC gauntlet, and came out showcasing AT&T’s HSPA+ network support. There’s nothing else to go on here. But, considering that the FCC is obviously an integral part of the phasing process for a device, this is a good sign that the Note is indeed coming this way. Will we see it in 2011? Probably not. But hey, we can keep our fingers crossed, right?

via Android Authority

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