Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T launching October 2 for $199.99

Samsung officially announced the release of their Galaxy S II line-up here in the States not too long ago, and while it was great to finally see the phones in their official capacity, there was still some information missing out of the announcement. Specifically, when some devices would actually be launching. AT&T’s official Twitter account has cleared the air in their department, finally, coming clean on the release date and pricing for the device.

As the image above shows, you’ll need to follow the standard steps to get the $199.99 pricing. First and foremost, that two year contract will have to be signed, and you’ll need at least $15 per month of a data package tacked on their for good measure. But, it doesn’t say anything about a mail-in rebate, so that’s a good thing. (Unless, of course, they just didn’t have enough room to include it in the tweet.)

You won’t have to wait too much longer to get your hands on Samsung’s latest and greatest (at least here in the States), and for many this was a long time coming.

via @ATT

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