Samsung Galaxy S III rumored to feature 2GHz quad-core processor, plus more

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S II has been out for a few months, and the device is finally landing here in the United States, it’s about time we start talking about the next generation device, isn’t it? Even if it isn’t rumored to launch until the middle of next year, what better time to already start looking towards the future than right now? Great, now that we’re on the same page, let’s start talking about the Galaxy S III, and all of the ridiculously awesome things this powerful device is said to feature.

Now, let’s all keep in mind that this is about as preliminary as it gets. Nothing is official. These things are coming from an anonymous tipster, and there are no images. Word of mouth, basically, and you know what that means: get your salt shakers out. If you’re armed and ready to move forward, let’s dig into the meat of the situation. First and foremost, the Samsung Galaxy S III will feature a 4.65-inch display. Not only that, but it’s apparently going to be a Super AMOLED III display, which can only mean that Samsung has managed to figure out a way to make their AMOLED displays even better, which seems almost impossible, but we’ll have to believe them. Furthermore, this new display will feature a resolution of 1280×1024, and 352 ppi.

And then there’s the processor. We’re reportedly waiting for a 2GHz quad-core processor, which will be paired with 1.5GB of RAM, and 32GB of built-in storage. It will have a 2,250mAh battery, and be running a version of Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android 2.4. The device will also be running TouchWiz 5, which will apparently be a “less intrusive” version of Samsung’s proprietary user interface. Basically, it sounds like Samsung is going the way of Motorola, and trying to reduce the amount that the UI is thrown into the user’s face.

It all sounds too good to be true, but let’s face it — if the device really is launching in the middle of 2012, all of these specifications seem perfectly plausible, don’t they? Sure, it’s enough to whet your appetite right now, but by the time the mobile market makes it to 2012, it’s going to look plenty different than it does now, and specifications like what we’re seeing rumored for the Galaxy S III may be common. But, with that aside, we can certainly be excited about what Samsung has in store for the rest of the world, especially when it comes to that Super AMOLED III display, which will more than likely rock the socks off of everybody that comes face-to-face with it.

via VZBuzz

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