Samsung GT-I9250 gets a support page, doesn’t offer much support

By now, we should all be expecting Samsung to be releasing something that will catch all of our attention in the near future. What that is, exactly, is still up in the air and there is plenty of speculation and rumor going around about it. Right now, we’re pretty convinced that the Samsung GT-I9250 is, indeed, the next Nexus device, and it will be running Ice Cream Sandwich. And thanks to a tip provided to GSMArena recently, we may have a bit more details to go on here.

The support page is a mess right now, resembling something that a child might put together, as far as content. No, there are no frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the device itself, or how-to’s to help you learn how to use the device. But! You can learn how to use the Samsung Omnia 7, though. So, that’s something. But, the page is there, and it’s obviously meant to be a stop-gap until the real FAQs and how-to’s come on the scene.

The device in question, still running around the regulatory facilities out there as the GT-I9250, will apparently feature a 4.65-inch display with HD resolution, and not the previously mentioned 4.5-inch WVGA display. The tipster goes on to say that the display will be curved again, much like the Samsung Nexus S, and the device will measure in somewhere around 8.8mm thin. And, quite a departure from Samsung devices, the handset will have a metal chassis. Oh, and the name is now supposedly Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and not Nexus Prime.

As for a release date, it looks like the end of October, which would line up quite nicely with what Eric Schmidt said recently. If that is indeed the case, it won’t be too much longer before Google and Samsung break the cover off this device. Stay tuned!

via GSMArena

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