Samsung i727 showcases AT&T LTE in the FCC

As is usual, there’s plenty of speculation regarding any Samsung handset that makes its way through the FCC without confessing all of its dirty details. After all, there are plenty of handsets it could be, so when we just get a model number and bare facts, the rumor mill starts to spin. In this instance, it looks like a Samsung device with a model number of i727 just made its way through the FCC gauntlet, showcasing plenty of minor details, but not exposing anything really tantalizing quite yet.

First and foremost, the FCC ID is A3LSGHi727, which should make it fairly easy to keep track of while it makes its way through all the regulatory systems. We do know that the handset will feature WiFi and Bluetooth (shocker, right?), and it will also pack in a 1,500mAh battery. As far as network information, the device will feature AT&T’s 850 / 1900 WCDMA and HSPA bands, and will also feature AT&T’s 700MHz LTE bands. As an added bonus, there’s even LTE AWS, which means AT&T is still preparing device’s for after the T-mobile acquisition happens (if it happens).

There’s some speculation that this could be the first Galaxy R device to land in the United States, while others believe it’s just a 4G upgrade to the already present S series. Either way, the device will more than likely pack a pretty large display and fast processor, if that batter is any indicator. We’ll have to just wait and see what happens with this particular handset.

via Engadget; FCC

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