Samsung Illusion breaks cover again

Who better to get an image of an unannounced device than from the manufacturer themselves? That’s exactly what we’re looking at here with the Samsung Illusion. The device still isn’t official, but the image above was provided by Samsung via thri Flickr account. So while we’re still waiting for more official information, at least we get another, clearer press image of the device.

Information regarding the handset is pretty non-existent at this point. We’ve heard that it will launch with Android 2.3, but other than that it’s anyone’s guess. It has been passed through the rumor mill that this will be a device to add to Verizon’s low-end Android stock. If Samsung is uploading official press images of a device, then it’s likely it won’t be long before we actually get some official information.

via PhoneDog; VZBuzz

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