Samsung rep says there are “no plans” to bring Galaxy Tab 7.7 or Galaxy Note to the United States

Ready for some potentially bad news, that will more than likely spread like wildfire? Good. Because, according to a Samsung representative, it looks like the manufacturer has decided that the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note will not be making their way to US shores. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the brand new TouchWiz-infused devices may not be coming to the States at all, let alone anytime soon.

Why do I add that little bit at the end? Because, if you’ll recall, Samsung actually said the same thing about the Galaxy Tab 10.1. When that device was unveiled for international markets, the company informed interested parties that the manufacturer had “no plans” to bring the 10.1-inch tablet to the United States, and look how that panned out. So, while the company is keeping their plans a secret at the moment, there’s no reason to count the 7.7-inch tablet out completely just yet.

However, what may stop the tablets appearance here locally, is the fact that the Tab 7.7 has voice calling capability. We know how the US-based carriers love their separate smartphone and tablet plans, so having a tablet that has the voice capability right out of the box may not jibe well with the likes of Verizon and AT&T, let alone any other carrier. This is an easy workaround for Samsung, as they can simply disable this feature for tablets destined for the US, but if they would rather just not do that, then not releasing the tablets here is the easiest thing to do.

Maybe this will cause enough of an uproar that Samsung will “change their mind” sometime later in the future, but as it stands right now it looks like they are sticking to their “no plan” story. Who’s disappointed?

via PhoneDog

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