Samsung Stratosphere shows its hardware keyboard, Verizon branding

The Samsung Illusion wasn’t good enough for your Verizon-bound fantasies? If not, then Pocketnow has another taste for you, this time geared towards a high-end device. Well, actually, it was a high-end device when the original Galaxy S hit the scene, but not many people would probably call this device a high-end phone anymore.

That’s right, what you’re looking at may look familiar, because it’s the Samsung Epic 4G which launched for Sprint way back in the day. In essence, we’re looking at a Samsung Fascinate (the Galaxy S variant that launched for Verizon), but with the physical keyboard that was attached to the Epic 4G. Obviously, as this one’s heading to Verizon, it will pack 4G LTE-connectivity.

But, we’ve got to agree with the other confused faces out there. While the Fascinate is indeed retired at this point, and there needs to be a new device to replace it, is this really what customers will be given? The same phone with a hardware keyboard, and 4G LTE-connectivity? It seems to us that folks would rather wait for the DROID Bionic, or Vigor, rather than pick this one up. But we could be wrong.

via Pocketnow

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