Verizon gearing up to launch its application store, again

The fascination of rebooting something isn’t just set in Hollywood, it seems. A new report from CNN is outlining plans from Verizon to basically relaunch their application store for smartphones. We all know that the first attempt from the major wireless carrier didn’t go over so well, so this next attempt will obviously have to be different than the last. So, how will Verizon accomplish that? By focusing on their Android users, of course.

That’s right, the new store is going to be geared specifically for wireless subscribers with Android-powered devices. More to the point, it will be free to those with DROID phones. (There’s some confusion here, it seems, where CNN may either be generalizing “droid” phones, and actually mean “Android.” If that is indeed the case, then the store will be free to all Android users, and not just those on a DROID-branded device.) The announcement is set to go off at Verizon’s developer conference in Las Vegas today. They will be officially calling the new store Verizon Apps (catchy, right?). And yes, you’ll still have access to the Android Market, so no fear that Verizon is removing that from devices or anything.

Stay tuned for more info.

via CNN

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