App Review: SugarSync

In today’s field of mobile technology, cloud storage has become an increasingly popular trend for storing media, documents, and other data that you would normally access on your phone, tablet or computer. The number of options has recently increased largely for anyone wanting to join in on the cloud revolution.  SugarSync, an app made by a developer of the same name, has created just the ecosystem to make cloud storage easy on the go. It is available now on Android, iOS, Blackberry and even some of the older, obsolete less popular platforms like Windows Mobile and Symbian.

SugarSync puts a strong emphasis on two things in its applications: pictures and documents. When you first open the app, in asks if you would like to backup all the photos on your phone to its service. Once uploaded, it is a breeze to access them across devices. The other major feature, documents, is easy to access as well. This may not be very mobile specific, but is a nice feature to have as you can access everything from your desktop. Other media like music and random files can be accessed and uploaded. One problem with an app like this is the fact that carriers have implemented tiered data, and some files can be larger, eating lots of bandwidth. Depending on what carrier you have, this could pose a problem. I uploaded a few files, and had no trouble accessing them on 2 Android devices, an iPhone 4, an iPad, a Windows 7 PC and an iMac. My only complaint is that music buffering times are horrendous, and this is not a good streaming music  option. In my opinion, SugarSync got the pricing down. For $4.99 a month you get 30 GBs of data, or $50 a year. There is a variety of different sizes, and if for some reason you need 250 GBs a year, it costs $24.99 a month.

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