BlueStacks Cloud Connect application lets you use Android apps on your PC

You’ve got a PC, but you want to use your Android apps on it. Sure, it may not sound like a great option for some people, but there are just some things you’d like to do on your PC, but can only do on your Android phone. And if you don’t have an Android-powered tablet, the PC is your best bet. That is, if Android apps worked on the PC. Well, they do now, thanks to the BlueStacks virtualization tool.

The entire layout is impossibly simple and easy to use. In truth, BlueStacks makes using an Android app on your PC, or even your Windows-based tablet, remarkably refreshing. With the Cloud Connect application, syncing your apps from your Android-powered phone to your computer or tablet, and vice versa, is as easy as it gets. You can easily access your Android device right from the tool, and have full access to your apps right there, when you want them.

The application is available in the Android Market right now, and it’s a free download, so there shouldn’t be any reason why you don’t download it. (Unless you don’t want to use your Android apps on your PC, of course.) Now, there is a bit of a limit. The tool will only let you enjoy up to 35 applications at a time, so if you’ve got more than that, be sure to pick the right ones for the job at hand.

Now, go ahead and check out the nice video BlueStacks put together, and then download the app through the Android Market and let us know what you think of it. The full press release is below, for your viewing pleasure.

BlueStacks Announces Cloud Connect Service

Connects Android Phones and Windows PCs

CAMPBELL, Calif. – October 11, 2011 – BlueStacks today announced Cloud Connect, a cloud-based service that enables a Windows PC to become an extension of an Android mobile device and vice versa. With Cloud Connect, any application on an Android device can be accessed and enjoyed on a user’s PC with a simple click and sync.

Users can download the free Cloud Connect App from the Android Market and instantly sync their mobile apps to a PC for big-screen enjoyment of their favorite games, news portals and more. With the ability to connect multiple and different types of devices, such as PCs and tablets, Cloud Connect enables users to enjoy up to 35 applications seamlessly across preferred devices.

A custom “Apps Channels” page allows users to manage their apps in the cloud by easily viewing which apps have been downloaded to their phone, PC or tablet. In addition, a “Featured Apps Channel provides direct access to the latest available apps from developers.

“Our vision is to make smartphones and PCs work together to provide a seamless experience for the user,” said Rosen Sharma, founder and CEO of BlueStacks. “There is a generational shift that has taken place. For young consumers, the smartphone is their first computing device, with the PC being secondary. Cloud Connect accelerates the convergence of mobile and PC, allowing users to access all the same apps across devices.”

“Cloud Connect puts a foot on the seesaw for Android in its faceoff with iOS. It integrates the app and gaming experience across the Android and Windows ecosystems, colliding half a million Android apps with the massive Windows ecosystem. It has huge implications.” said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies.

Developers or device manufacturers don’t need to make any changes to their apps for them to make use of Cloud Connect. BlueStacks is currently working closely with several leading device manufacturers, Telcos and retailers to embed this capability into consumer devices in the near future.

“The innovation in apps has shifted from the PC to the mobile and the rate seems to be accelerating. Cloud Connect will become the conduit for that innovation and will further accelerate its adoption,” says Sharma, “We see a lot of things we can do with Cloud Connect. It will be a source of constant innovation. Stay tuned.”

Pricing and Availability
The Cloud Connect App is now available and can be downloaded for free from the Android Market at

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