Google TV gets the major update people have been waiting for

So after a few weeks of hushed whispers and a few loud rumors, we’ve finally got the official update from Google for Google TV. While we’ve seen other minor software updates for the TV-connected service in the past, this is the update that people have been waiting for since the launch of the service. That’s right, we’ve finally got the “real” Android Market on here, with real apps you can download and use.

Google’s update strategy for Google TV, at least when it comes to this major update, falls in line with four pillars: Keep it simple; make it easy to find something worth watching; make YouTube better on TV; and bring more apps to TV. With this latest update, it looks like the search giant has finally done just that in all four accounts. As for timeline, Google will push out the update to Sony-branded devices starting early next week. Logitech devices will get the update soon after that.

Head through the source link to see videos showing off the new Google TV.

via Google TV

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