HTC Rezound and Samsung Galaxy Nexus find their way onto Verizon’s MAP list, showcase pricing

While Verizon more than likely has a few devices coming down the pipe before the end of 2011, there are only a couple of them that are at the top of the list for many people. Those two devices would be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the HTC Rezound (or Incredible HD or Vigor, depending on the day). For those of you keeping track of the devices’ random appearance on the Internet, here’s one more for the scrapbook.

Both devices are now listed within Verizon’s MAP list. The MAP list is the Minimized Advertised Pricing list, and as you can see, both of them kick off on November 10th. That has people thinking the devices will launch on November 10th, and truth be told, that may actually be what’s going on. Two previous devices, the Motorola Bionic and HTC Rhyme both launched on the date of their MAP listings, so this could be the definitive sign we’ve been waiting for.

Not surprisingly, the listing has the pricing for both devices set at $299.99. And yes, that’s with a new, two-year contract. If the 10th of November really is the day of days, then we’ve got just under a month before both highly-rumored devices land in store shelves.

via PhoneDog

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