HTC Rezound for Verizon gets an early hands-on

Other than the Motorola DROID RAZR, this is usually what happens before a hyped phone gets launched. We see plenty of leaks; we see plenty of rumors and speculation about the device; and we see plenty of discussions about what the phone will finally be called when it hits store shelves. The HTC Rezound (which was also known as the Incredible HD or Vigor) isn’t an exception to the rule at all, and now we’ve even got a video of the device being played with even before HTC or Verizon have announced the thing.

The video comes courtesy of “JohnBoy,” who has apparently managed to snag a pre-production model. He does the nice thing, though, and unboxes the handset, and shows it off for the camera. So now you get to see the gentle curves from HTC, and those soft red keys. IF you’re looking for groundbreaking new information, this isn’t the video to watch. But if you just want to see what the handset will look like in your hand (or in someone’s hand), along with what’s under the battery cover, then by all means check it out.

via VZBuzz; Droid Forums

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