HTC Rhyme for O2 an exclusive deal, available now

So while Verizon was quick to rock the HTC Rhyme here in the States, it looks like HTC isn’t going to keep the charm-equipped device away from at least a few international folks. The HTC Rhyme is available now for O2 in the UK, and as usual you can expect a wide assortment of different plans to go along with your new phone, which will effectively change the pricing.

Prices start at £104.99 for the Rhyme on contract for the cheapest monthly offering. But if you’re willing to pay £27.00 a month, you can get the Rhyme for free. They are also throwing in a free Bluetooth docking station, the tangle-free headphones and the plum-hued charm for notifications. The plum color is also an O2 exclusive.

via O2

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