HTC Rhyme for Verizon up to 50 percent off through Facebook

We’re all about unique ways to get a good chunk of change removed from our phone purchases, and Verizon has come up with quite the idea with the HTC Rhyme. The wireless carrier is offering up to a 50% discount on the latest release from HTC, the purple-themed phone for women which really isn’t a phone for women at all. There’s a catch, though, as there usually is.

Instead of a coupon or something straight forward, you’ll have to “like” the HTC Rhyme through Facebook to get your hands on the deal. And, as you can see from the image above, it’s not just up to you. No, there will have to be 2,000 other people who “like” the phone to get the full 50% discount applied. Verizon is calling it the “Group Buy,” and it’s definitely one of the coolest ways to get a big discount on a device. It will be interesting to see if Verizon does this sort of thing with other devices, maybe even some of their high-end offerings. Fingers crossed, right?

via Verizon Wireless Facebook

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