Huawei SpringBoard shows up on T-Mobile’s website, details some specs

The MediaPad from Huawei, a 7-inch tablet that’s not necessarily a secret by any means, seems to keep popping up in the most unlikeliest of places. The most surprising of places, though, would be T-Mobile’s own website, leaked by the carrier itself. The tablet in question isn’t going by the MediaPad title, though, as we’ve heard rumored in the past. No, this is the “SpringBoard,” if the recent leak on T-Mobile’s website is any indicator.

And if the name of the tablet isn’t enough for you, go ahead and focus your attention on the rest, then. We know that it will come pre-loaded with Netflix, and we know that it will boast 16GB of built-in storage. There’s also a 5MP camera, more than likely on the rear of the device. As for the rest of the specs, it’s just rumors at this point: 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a front-facing shooter, Android 3.2, and T-Mobile 4G-connectivity. As for a launch date, we’re supposedly looking at a November 2nd window, with a $199 launch price on contract.

via TMoNews

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