LG DoublePlay for T-Mobile available now online for $100

Fancy that. For those of you who have been interested in the DoublePlay from LG, then you probably remember that we told you that the device would be up for your purchasing pleasure online starting today. Looks like those rumors have panned out, as the interesting handset is definitely now available.

Considering the specifications for the device, even if it isn’t the most advanced handset out there, it probably would have been very easy for LG and T-Mobile to price the thing well out of reach. Thankfully that didn’t happen. If you want to get one of your own, you’ll have to head on over to T-Mobile’s website and put down the $99.99, after you sign that new, two-year contract of course, and a $50 mail-in rebate. Though, if you don’t want to go the contract route, just choose the $399.99 full retail option.

via T-Mobile

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