Samsung Galaxy Nexus makes an appearance on Samsung’s website

While we’re still waiting to see the official device uncovered by Samsung later tonight, it’s good to see someone at Samsung is just as excited as the rest of us. At least, we can imagine that’s the case considering someone hit the green button on the device’s splash page on Samsung’s own portal.

The device prematurely made an appearance on Samsung’s site, and it didn’t take them long to discover the inconsistency. Not that you still can’t find the page (just click on the source link below), but it shouldn’t be too long before it makes its final, and official reappearance. It doesn’t come without its interesting pieces of information, though. As you can see from the picture above, it says “from Verizon.” Now, we knew by now that Verizon was getting something, since they passed up on the Samsung Galaxy S II, but we’re still anticipating this to be a multi-carrier handset. If this is an indicator to the opposite, well, that would certainly be surprising.

Keep your eyes peel for more information as it comes in.

via PhoneDog; Samsung

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