Samsung Galaxy Nexus makes an appearance within Verizon’s Device Management System

Did you know that Samsung has a new Nexus device coming? Surely you’ve heard. If you haven’t, then we’re not really sure what to say. Because there is, and plenty of people are excited about it. What’s starting to jumble the picture, though, is a bit of name confusion that’s been going around. As it stands, the Galaxy Nexus has been running through the rumor mill at a quickened pace, and with each rumor there seems to be a new name tagged along for the ride.

While the general consensus is that Samsung will be releasing different devices, specifically devices for a CDMA and GSM network individually, there’s been some confusion floating around about the name. The Verizon-exclusive device was rumored to be known as the DROID Prime, while the rest of them would be rocking the Galaxy Nexus moniker. Sure, they are all just as much a rumor as the one before it (or the one after it, before the official launch), but we’ve got to add another to the mix. According to the image above, the device that’s going to launch here sometime in the future will be known as the Galaxy Nexus. Interestingly enough, it’ll be a 4G LTE-enabled device, which should make plenty of people happy.

It won’t be long before we finally get to see the Galaxy Nexus in the wild, but the anticipation is starting to get out of hand.

via PhoneDog

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