Samsung Galaxy Nexus sign-up page for Verizon goes live

It’s been no surprise that Verizon would be getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, unless of course you subscribe to ridiculous rumors. In hopes of quieting those rumors, Verizon has officially turned on the sign-up page for the Galaxy Nexus. Now, while that’s interesting in and of itself, there’s something else worthwhile inside the page as well.

While Verizon and Samsung are being quiet on most fronts when it comes to the device, especially when it comes to a release date, the sign-up page would have us thinking that the device’s release is coming very soon. What’s also interesting is that Verizon has it listed as “exclusively from Verizon.” Now, when the device is rumored to launch on the 10th of November, that may be true. Let’s keep in mind that “exclusive” from Verizon doesn’t necessarily mean that the handset can’t be launched with a different name. Or, what’s more likely, is that the device will launch exclusively with Verizon, and then become available for other carriers as time goes on.

It won’t be long before we find out what’s really going on. And hey, you never know, maybe if you actually sign up to learn more about the phone, good things might happen.

via PhoneDog

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