Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus for T-Mobile shows up in the wild

When the original Samsung Galaxy Tab launched, there were plenty of people out there ready to get their Android daily usage on a 7-inch display. Unfortunately for the original that launched the tablet craze for Samsung, it didn’t take long before the competition started coming out with larger displays, faster processors, and more advanced versions of the Android operating system. Samsung is looking to relight the original Galaxy Tab fire with updated specs, and T-Mobile subscribers should be looking forward to this one.

As you can see pretty clearly, this particular amped-up 7-inch tablet features the T-Mobile branding quite plainly up at the top, and the Samsung logo right there at the bottom. We’ve heard in the past that this device was launching for the Magenta carrier, but official word from them has been missing. There’s no word on a launch date or pricing, but if T-Mobile and Samsung want to get this device out before the holiday shopping season, we should expect to see an announcement any day now.

via TMoNews

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