Samsung teases something big, could be the Nexus Prime

While we’ve all assumed that the Nexus Prime, or just the Prime, would be shown off at CTIA this year, it looks like Samsung wanted to pique everyone’s interest a little bit in advance. Of course, it could also have something to do with another device that was just announced, but who knows.

As the image above shows, something is indeed coming. Whatever that thing is, to be honest, remains a mystery at the moment. But, we can definitely tell that the device has a pronounced curved display, and that lines up pretty well with those Nexus Prime rumors we’ve heard in the past. Of course, Samsung could have something completely different coming down the pipe, and they may surprise everyone. Stranger things have happened, right?

With this tease, that should remind everyone that CTIA is right around the corner. To be more specific, that Samsung’s Unpacked 2011 event in San Diego, California starts right at the same time.

via PhoneDog

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